Nice to meet you Garter!

No matter how many brides I have seen, this specific undergarment was always an essential element both of the bridal look and the reception. I actually got curious what specific role it used to play in the old days and how its significance changed throughout the years.

Based on research there are multiple “myths” or “legends” related to the the original purpose of the garter. There is also something common in all the stories: one way or another the bride will be separated from this iconic piece of clothing.

Some stories mention that it symbolized that the marriage has been consummated after the wedding and some other only highlight its practical use by simply keeping the stockings in its place (which today can also play a role).

Nowadays it’s importance has shifted and became an indispensable element of the party when the groom takes it off and throws it towards the single men. I think it’s fair to guess that this is the male version of throwing the bridal bouquet.

How do you feel about wearing a garter?  Do you think as in everything you can also find the one garter that perfectly fits your bridal look, theme of the wedding or your personality? I was a little bit surprised by the variety of garters when I started looking into them.

Would it be your something blue? Source:


It is traditional that brides wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Well as nobody specified where or what the blue piece should be… Would you consider the option to hide it this way?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Source:

There are a lot of guides on how to make a garter for yourself. If you think that you are up for the challenge probably this is the best way to ensure that you have your own, personalized, one of a kind garter for your big day.

Tulle or lace? Source:

When it comes to materials basically the number of options is close to endless just as in wedding dresses. It is good to know that you can customize everything to your own taste and you don’t have to compromise. If you think you want everything just go for it!

To bling or not to bling? Source:

Hm… tough question. This is a very personal choice so make sure that you feel comfortable and beautiful. Also if your skin is not protected with any textile from the rhinestones make sure that you can wear the garter for a longer period of time without any skin irritation.

Super(wo)man Source: Pinterest

I would have never thought about it however I find it a brilliant idea. Superhero garters! For those who think this way they can get extra confidence or make the groom and other guests smile I think this is definitely a winner.

Regardless from style, color or material , there will always be a seductive mystery around it. They are beautiful and feminine and I honestly mean in the best sense they are erotic. I can only recommend wearing one even if the only reason is to spice things up.

Do you like garters? You don’t? I’m curious what’s your opinion about this piece of clothing! Feel free to leave a comment or contact me through mail.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Until next time 🙂



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