Jump in a suit

I accidentally came across a jumpsuit / pantsuit wedding dress and that’s when it hit me. Oh my god that might be a brilliant idea for modern brides!

Source: Planyourperfectwedding.com (Designer: Catherine Deane)

I wonder how many brides go for a pantsuit / jumpsuit when it comes to their wedding. But hey who said that you’d have to follow traditions when getting ready for your big day.

Pantsuits can just as be elegant, sexy and chic as any other bridal gown. However, if you want to smuggle some traditional elements in it then it’s worth considering a combi dress. Similarly to convertible wedding dresses the design includes the skirt and the pants allowing to have the best of two worlds.

Source: Brides.com (Designer: Rosa Clará)


Would you like to combine your own top and bottom? Why not? To be honest having separate tops and bottoms may be very practical when it comes to  having restroom breaks. I think all onesie owners might know what I mean here.

If you are done with following the rules, if you want to rock your wedding pants then search no more. Pantsuits are for you!

Source: Mywedding.com 

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