Love above the city: Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant can be a perfect wedding location for anyone. The home of the restaurant is a historical monument that combines the romantic side of fairy tales with timeless elegance.

Entrance of the Restaurant Source: 

The Fisherman’s Bastion is located in the Castle District of Budapest which is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist spots. Therefore it not only offers a unique medieval atmosphere but also a breath-taking scenery over the city and easy accessibility.

The ambiance of the restaurant is definitely unique created by the history of the city and the classic interior. For private events such as weddings, the restaurant has multiple rooms where depending on your needs there is an opportunity to have 80 to 200 guests. As different rooms have different recipience multiple rooms can also be booked to increase space.

The restaurant also has three opened and 2 covered terraces, where official or non-official ceremonies can be held.

One important aspect to consider before booking is that due to the lack of soundproofing in one of the covered terrace loud music is only possible until 22:00.

Ceremony at the Margaret terrace Source:

The food is exquisite and it offers a traditional taste but presented in a new, innovative way. To assist the organization of the wedding, several pre-selected menus are available (and are recommended for bigger groups) but there is no barrier to arrange individual requests.

Drinks also play a crucial role in a wedding therefore there are packages offered by the restaurant for the couple including unlimited access to drinks.

Table decoration before a wedding Source:

It is also possible to welcome musicians in the restaurant but most of the audiovisual equipment and decoration is arranged through external suppliers.

To sum up, the Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant provides all the support and excellent services that are indispensable in organizing a dream wedding. A wedding here is not only a memorable event for the couple but also for the guests as everybody will fall in love with this treasure above the city.

View from the terrace at night Source:





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