For many people tattoos are a way of keeping memories. It is then no surprise that a wedding is one of the life changing memories which is often a topic of tattoos.

As a tattoo is a very personal choice this article is not going to be about giving ideas but more of a selection of tattoos which capture the big day and love in a very gentle and beautiful way.

A simple word can change your world

Source: Pinterest

Words have great power. Sometimes even a single word can greatly impact a person. The picture on the left shows that the couple tattooed always on their arms.

Always is not only meaningful for Harry Potter fans but also those who have found their one. I really like this curvy font it gives an additional romantic feel to the picture.

What would your one word be that captures the essence of your relationship? Would you go for the same word or a double such as together forever?



Voice print

Source: (I do voice)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this in a tattoo form only other sound wave tattoos. I think it is lovely when a couple captures the way they say I do! After all this is the moment when they accept each other during the ceremony and officially become husband and wife.

Although this solution presented in the photo on the right is also amazing. I really like the style of the frame and the canvas.



Source: Pinterest

These two little hearts combined with a fingerprint pattern are also very small yet expressive. To remember your big day you don’t necessary have to show it off with the size.

Sometimes smaller things have a greater value. As some great people already said: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” (

Some other various of artistic solutions that I have encountered was tattooing around the area of the ring. Either an infinity symbol or an arrow that begins on one one finger and ends on another one.


The options are endless and as I said this is something like your song. Everybody has a different song for different reasons which cannot be inspired by anybody. Similarly, your tattoo is yours only.

What do you think about tattoos in general? Would you get inked for your wedding? I look forward to hearing from you guys!




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