Focus on the Top

A nice wedding cake is just as essential part of a perfect wedding as any other element. In an earlier article I focused on an amazing patisserie in the heart of Rotterdam where you can order all sort of tastes and designs. However, I haven’t highlighted the importance of a cake topper.

In this article the spotlight is on this tiny addition on the cake which actually can have a huge impact. Every couple is different and every cake topper has a different meaning. The pool of ideas is endless but here you can read and see some examples.

Less is more

As a first category let’s start with simplicity. We often hear the expression less is more and it seems to be true in many cases. Lovers of simple and easy solutions can choose from not having any cake toppers to having fruits or other elements that catches their attention. How about puzzle pieces which also brings a smile to everyone.

Source: Pinterest

Not only figure can be very sophisticated and simple but also messages, names or little boards. A simply bent wire in a nice color can also be an aesthetic addition to your cake.

Source: Everafter guide

Nature is all around us

Using natural elements can also be simple or elegant just as anything else. From olive leaves, through edible branches the list is long. The first idea that is introduced below is capturing the purity of nature in a simple idea.


If you are into something more personalized cake toppers and keep the rustic feeling. Some of the ideas include a message board or a Mr & Mrs sign. For more adventurous couples there are a lot of website available where they give ideas how to make wood cake toppers as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Not only very personal but also budget friendly.

Source: Etsy


Playing with words

So if a Mr & Mrs sign is not your thing but you love inspiring quotes or messages then maybe the toppers below are for your. Even one word such as Always can have several meanings and can be used for multiple wedding themes. Such as a romantic thought os spending the rest of your lives together through triggering Harry Potter fans to experimenting with various typography.

Source: Pinterest

Is this just Fantasy?

Not only Harry Potter fans find inspiration in books and movies.  The cake toppers are elements where goofiness can also find its way. Either both of you or only one of you is into fantastic creatures these cake toppers can make everybody smile.

Source: Pinterest

A relief for gamer girls there is also cake topper where the bride gets pulled away from the console see here. If the passion is not games but for Disney there is also a variety of cake toppers inspired by modern and old stories. For further Disney related inspiration you can check this page for example. I selected as one of the examples Robin Hood and Maid Marianne from a classic Disney movie.

Source: Pinterest

Cake toppers just as any other element of the wedding reflect you as a couple. Whether you prefer simple and elegant or fun and sarcastic. The most important is what is yet to come. A lifelong adventure with your partner on your side.

In case you would like to see more inspiration for cake toppers feel free to visit Bridal trial on Pinterest.

See you next time,

Bridal Trial

Source: Pinterest





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