Wedding Apps 101: Countdown and Wedding Pics Photo Editor

Welcome back to Wedding Apps 101. Today I will introduce two wedding apps as one of the descriptions is very short. Therefore, I will begin with that one.


A very basic, simple app which counts down to your wedding. Surprising? Not really… So you set the date of your big day and here we go! Countdown begins! You can see from months to seconds all time units.

Fun fact: by swiping up or down you can switch between the 3 default pictures as background. You can also change the font type and font color if you tap on the counter. By holding the counter you can also move it around on your screen.

Aaand that was it. All in all, it is very user friendly and if you are interested in such apps then this is definitely for you!

Second app for today is:

Wedding Pics Photo Editor:

When opening the app you can choose whether you want to take a new photo or you want to use one from your stored photos. Once you have a selected photo you can select from a wide range of filters, fonts to add text and artwork.

Under artwork there are 5 sub-menus including: chalkboard, decorations, vintage, watercolor and wedding art.

For the text options you can adjust the position, the font type, the color, the size and angle, if you would like to add a shadow or stroke to the text.

Disadvantage: not all elements are for free but for a cheap price all elements can be unlocked. Even with the free version it allows enough room for the user to enjoy the app and create awesome artwork which makes the wedding photos even more memorable.

To sum up, it is also a very user friendly app which not only offers the regular photo editing tools but has some extra to it. It is very enjoyable even if you use the free version. I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy spending time with photo editing in their free time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found the reviews useful. If you have any personal experience don’t hesitate to share with me and the other readers!

See you next time!



Feature image:


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