Patisserie Sweet and Spice

A wedding cake is just as important at a wedding as any other element. In this article I have a special treat for those who are looking for a perfect wedding cake in the Netherlands.

The Patisserie Sweet and Spice has opened its doors in the heart of Rotterdam and it is one of the hidden treasures in the city that deserves more attention. I have come across the patisserie on social media and I had the luck to try the cakes multiple times.


When entering the shop the amazing smells already can cheer anybody up and the view of colorful pastries  from a rainbow cake to a caramel topped brownie is another heart-warming sight.


It was my pleasure to catch the owner and soul of Patisserie Sweet and Spice, Marta Orban, for a talk about her career.

Her passion for baking started at an early age including opening an own shop. After working for prestigious patisseries and restaurants such as the Gerbeaud in Budapest, the Engels in Rotterdam or the Hotel Des Indes in The Hague, the time has come for starting a new era with Patisserie Sweet and Spice.

The cake shop is open for everyone who’d like a personalized cake serving up to 300 people from birthdays to wedding organizers. There is no impossible when it comes to Marta and creating cakes.

She enjoys the most: creating new tastes and decorating cakes which guarantees to make your day even more special. Taken from American traditions she also welcomes couples who would like to have a tasting session before making any final decisions, to offer the chance to create a cake that perfectly fits your wedding.

Based on her experience the most popular designs in wedding cakes are chic and elegant with traditional tastes such as vanilla, champagne and strawberry. When it comes to colors she said in some cases she was asked to make a black or eggplant colored cakes but the majority of customers is going for pastel colors.

I was curious to ask if she had any recommendations for couples preparing for their wedding:

“If you will have 80 guests I would recommend not to order a cake enough for a 100 people. When it comes to an event like a wedding the people are eating surprisingly little from the cake as it is not in the main focus. Either because the dinner has preceded the cake or some are not a sweet-tooth. If you order for precisely 80 guests there will be still portions left.”

Beautiful cake Source: Patisserie Sweet and Spice Facebook page

It is no question that you will be in good hands if you decide to have your wedding cake from Patisserie Sweet and Spice. If you have any doubts feel free to go and visit anytime and try one of the delicious cakes that might even encourage you to get familiar with Hungarian cuisine.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences!







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