Ginger Gin Fizz or Sasha’s Magic Drink?

It is very popular that couples have signature drinks on their wedding, but how do you actually come up with a signature drink? In this post this I am going to explore the options!

Where does the inspiration come from? Is it coming from consulting with a professional cocktail bartender or is the signature drink the outcome of several night of experimenting with cocktail ingredients?

There is no straight answer to the question as everybody has a different preference, but here are some of the methods which can lead to your ideal cocktail.

1. The internet has a solution for everything

Even for finding your signature cocktail. I have found two ways to identify your signature cocktail on your internet: either through serious sites which focus on introducing a variety of cocktails and their ingredients or quizzes which are sometimes likely to lead you up the garden path. Out of curiosity I tried one of the quizzes to see if I find a new recipe that I would like. According to the result my signature drink would be Quinary Sour which has licorice in it so that’s a definitely no go for me.

One of the biggest disadvantages of looking on the internet that you either still have to go to a bar to taste it or make it at home because just by the ingredients it is very difficult to determine if you would enjoy the combination of tastes.

Are you a Brandy person? Source:

2.  Ask the Masters

Interestingly I didn’t find specific pages about consulting a cocktail bartender and I only found hiring sites and bartender courses. However, I think it is a good idea to have private consultations with a cocktail bartender if you would like to create a very unique, personalized cocktail for your wedding. Why? Because then (s)he can explain what spirits are recommended for a specific feel and what color combinations can be created. Not to mention you can immediately taste it.

So which one? Source:

3. Golden oldies

It is not necessary to create something new. Rely on your experiences… If there was a cocktail in the past that you really liked and you think it would be a big hit then just go for it! It is an easy, simple solution which for sure can’t go wrong because you already know what to expect.

Remember? When we used to drink together? Source:

Important note! It is highly recommended to list somewhere all the ingredients to avoid allergic reactions. You never know when somebody has allergy for strawberry or any ingredient.

Finally, I wish you good luck for hunting for your signature cocktail! Sweet and sour, fruity or colorful, all cocktails are wonderful!

Do you have a favorite cocktail or a signature cocktail? Share in the comment to inspire others!

Until next time!



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