Wedding Apps 101: WedPics

There are lot of apps focusing on Wedding photos and WedPics is one of them. This app can be a good companion if instead of hunting pictures on social media you would like to gather everything in one place. But let’s see how it works…

The welcome page immediately offer two options: either creating a “new” wedding or “joining” a wedding through a specific ID. As I am new to the app I went with the first option.

Right after that you can begin with giving basic details of your wedding including the date of the big day, the location, your wedding ID and a cover photo. The wedding ID is needed so your guests can easily find you and upload pictures in this app.

So after setting up the profile we arrive to home page which includes the previously selected cover photo and details. There are two menu lines both on top and bottom. The app allows to organize your photos into albums and you can also gather pictures from other events such as the engagement party or bridal showers etc.

At any point you can invite guests by multiple methods. The app offers calling, texting, Facebook or ordering App Cards. These app cards can be designed by you to the extent of selecting a color out of 14 options, 1 pattern and in the bottom you can see a preview of the card. The quantities and prices are also presented on this page.

But if we are talking about design then we should also talk about photos. What I found interesting is that similarly to other photo editing apps this apps also includes various filters and you can easily adjust the photo to your taste and after finalizing the photo you can add a caption. The guests can like, comment, tag, print and save the photos however not all features are for free.

For example if you would like to change the color scheme there are some colors that are for free  but there are premium colors also available which are for a fee. In addition, there is a sub-menu point called my digital purchases and under this you can find:

  • unlimited high quality downloads for everyone in the wedding
  • unlimited HQ photo downloads
  • premium color schemes
  • removing wedding ads

On purpose I don’t mention the prices as they differ from currency to currency.

But all in all, so far what I experienced is that this can be a handy app. I think the creators put a lot of effort in making it as user friendly as possible. I was also very happy to see that the company ships to Europe including: UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Italy.

Last comment: I adore how the loading sign is a rotating engagement ring.

If you go for this app I am curious what is your feedback!

Until next time!


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