A signature move

This article will be about invitations but more precisely about typography/ calligraphy. When I first looked into the world of fonts I was amazed by the variety and number of different styles. This form of art is very important because just as your own signature, the way your name is presented on the invitation can reflect your personality.

Beautiful ink Source: media4giphy.com

As one of the first documents that your guests receive is the invitation the design of the invitation including the font type on it already sets the mood and theme of the wedding.

Another aspect that can even raise the elegance of the invitation is if it is not printed but written by hand. Depending on the number of your guests this can either be carried out through your passion for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and learning the art of typography or contacting a professional.

In case you decide that you want to give the DIY project a try then I would recommend giving it some time to avoid rushing and in case of worst scenario leave a little time in case you need external help.

This would look beautiful on an invitation Source: Viralscape.com


But as I mentioned it is not obligated to turn to traditional ink written letters. In our fast world there is a fast solution which is printing. The internet offers tons of fonts and some of them are actually for free.

Retro wedding – retro font Source: Pinterest.com

If you can design everything to your own taste then why would the letter type on the invitation, the menu or any document be different?

In case you are tempted to start looking for fonts these are the best places to look for it:

  • Nr. 1 rule: Google is your friend – font wedding or calligraphy can be both be a good lead
  • Pinterest: Not only on the Bridal Trial Pinterest page but basically everywhere on the site you can find inspiration
  • Your friends: designers, married couples or those who have a passion for this will always provide you with good information

Well, either way, I am sure that you will have the most amazing and beautiful invitation ever. If you would like to show it to the world feel free to send an email to Bridal Trial and it will be featured on the site.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Feature image: http://www.wedfest.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/wedding-passport-invite.jpg


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