Show your shoulders!

A very unique trend which is not that often discussed on bridal websites but I think it definitely deserves a few words.

Jewelry is often an indispensable element of a perfect bridal look. It can be very elegant and subtle or colorful and sparkling. Everybody finds her own way to let her very essence be reflected in her look.

Complimenting the dress Source: Pinterest

Jewelry can come in all form and sizes and may appear on all body parts including shoulders. Shoulder chains or necklaces can be an amazing addition to your look. The thing I like about shoulder necklaces is that it is not necessarily worn as an accessory but it can complement the dress and melt together with it.

There are some dresses where such embellishments come immediately together with the dress or they are part of the dress such as pearl straps on the back.

However, it is more common nowadays that you can separately buy shoulder necklaces. Most online shops offer a wide range of shoulder necklaces from a very low price to very high prices. Therefore, if you decide to go for a shoulder necklace you will definitely find a perfect one.

It is definitely a twist that you don’t see on every wedding. Below are some examples for various styles but for further inspiration feel free to visit the Bridal Trial Pinterest page.

Express your style like this Source: Pinterest

Important note: in case you are allergic to certain metals please consult with the shop before buying the product. Make sure  that you don’t get red skin or any rash from the jewelry otherwise it might leave a bad memory from your big day.

Good luck and feel free to send some pictures with your shoulder necklaces and tell me about your experiences, you will get featured on the site. 🙂

Until next time!



Feature photo:


What do you think? Source: Pinterest



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