Wedding Apps 101: WedHappy

WedHappy was among the first apps I downloaded and I must say it immediately stole my heart. This app is a definite help in keeping track of your tasks, visits or payments. But let’s not run so far ahead..

The app begins with that you can insert your wedding date (an approximate is also accepted) and then it also starts the countdown. As a thoughtful assistant the first task that appears is the announcement.

The home page immediately refreshes when a task or action is done and also allows to see all of the following:

  • remaining tasks
  • how many vendors need to be hired
  • your amount of total payments
  • number of tasks completed
  • next task
  • next payment
  • next vendor to hire

The bottom menu allows you to shift between your duties or even inviting others to join your planning.

Among the tasks I like how there is a differentiation between researching certain topics and actually carrying it out actions. For example the app suggests that it is time to browse between the Save-the-date cards followed by other actions such as researching for the dress and then after a couple of steps it recommends that the next wise thing to do would be to send out the Save-the-date cards.

One of the biggest advantage of WedHappy is that it not only tracks all the tasks that need to be done but also the recommends a time period for that. This definitely helps you avoiding feeling overwhelmed doing 200 things at a time.

Another handy element is that you have the possibility to add information of your suppliers from venue to the photographer. Similarly to your phones contact list here you can all wedding related numbers stored.

Moreover, there is an adorable surprise for those who reach the last task but I will leave it for you to explore it for yourself.

Very important: there were no pop-up windows, no unnecessary adverts which ads to the overal positive experience.

All in all, I think that it is a very user friendly the app and that its goal is not to replace the wedding planner (not only because it comes up in the task list) but it is more supporting you by overseeing the planning. I definitely recommend trying out this app!

I look forward to hearing your views on this one 🙂





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