Wedding Apps 101: Mary’s Bridal Gowns

Mary’s Bridal Gowns:

I found it very user friendly, the app opens with an overview including: Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids, Mothers, Flower Girls, Hairstyles, Style search, My Favorites, Find a store and Promotion.

1. Wedding Gowns

Under wedding gowns there are sub categories such as A-line, Ball gown, Fit & Flare, Pickup skirt, Ruffles, Sheath, Sheer details and  Top picks. After selecting one of the categories a series of pictures appear that match the criteria. There is an option to enlarge the photos and see the details that make the dress unique including a short description which is really nice in my opinion.

2. Brides Maids

Here the subcategories are more length related (short, long) and what I found surprising was the subcategory called quicker deliveries.  I think highlighting quick delivery time is indeed a very important aspect.

3. Mothers

Mothers dresses are more limited. It offered 68 long dresses and top picks at the time of the test.

4. Flower Girls

I find this a very sweet idea and honestly never thought about it. The Flower Girl dresses are arranged into colors and they are all adorable.

5. Hairstyles

Not only for the bride but also for all above mentioned members of the wedding party.

6. Style search and My favorites

I checked out style search and my favorites also. The latter had no results as I haven’t selected any dress as my favorite. In the same time, the style search surprised me. When it comes to wedding gowns you filter silhouette, neckline and train but the material for example not.  On the other

8. Find a store

Oh oh.. Here I bounced into the biggest disadvantage of the app. It is indeed very helpful in finding a store nearby you as it allows you to set the radius of your search in miles. To help either you can give your zip code or allows the phone to share your current location. When I tried with the recommended zip code suddenly there were above 60 stores in a 25 mile radius.

9. Promotion

You select between various social media accounts to that will lead you the weddings shop’s account.

All in all, it is very well built app which can definitely be a good spot for finding inspiration. However, it is the most useful if you live in the United States.

Let me know how you thoughts about it!





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