Old style vs New style

This article will be about storing good ideas. There is no bad or good way to store your inspirational ideas the question is more: Does modern technology make it easier?
I consider myself an “old-school” type of girl in the sense that I usually turn to papers and pens when I need to write something down or when I was taking notes during a lecture at university. In the same time I also greatly value apps and what smartphones can offer to make our lives easier.

So let’s see what the virtual world can offer us when it comes to gathering ideas:

1. Online scrapbook

It is not that easy to find an online “traditional”scrapbook. The first hits I found were leading to ordering actual books but I don’t give up easily. The closest to I have come to online scrapbooks in 2 pages: Hitched and Pinterest.

Hitched I found through an article and I must say I really liked the website that welcomed me. There are several aspects that I find unique and really creative. The first of them is that you can in the Wedding Flowers Gallery select a color scheme and arrange flowers according to that later I discovered that there are other aspects of the wedding such as the themes that you can also organize according to colors (How thoughtful!).
The second that caught my eye was the inspiration corner for Speeches. I like it when small details are get the attention they deserve.

When it comes to venues and suppliers only those available in the UK show up, which is not a problem if you’re organizing your dream wedding in the land of the apple cider and short bread. I would also recommend it to all brides who are curious about fresh ideas and need only a little bit of inspiration.

The second, Pinterest, is probably well known for most for you. For those who never used Pinterest, I can assure you that it can be a very useful website and not only for wedding planning. Pinterest allows you to gather ideas from DIY (do-it-yourself) projects to gardening including all elements what you might need for a wedding. Similarly to a scrapbook you can organize everything according to your taste. However, if you want to make sure that you get items that are available near you it is wise to add the name of the city or country when searching. In the nearby I will create a separate account for Bridal Trial where you can also find inspiration.

2. Apps, apps and more apps

Apparently, my phone’s storage is full due to downloading to many wedding related apps. It wasn’t easy to find them as I first tried searching for everything which was wedding related. I found many games but barely any app that would help too store ideas or assist the organisation. The second round I started to be more specific and indeed that was more helpful. I have found a wide range of wedding apps including wedding countdown related ones, photo editing and sharing related and wedding planning apps which make sure that you remember to plan everything in the right time.

Given that I have found so many apps I will start a series called Wedding App 101 and in each article I will review an app that I have downloaded. In case you know about wedding apps that worked for you please do not hesitate to share it with me 🙂

And to sum up this post, I hope you have found something useful among the pages that I have mentioned or you looked into apps that you think might be handy. No matter which method you use, the old scrapbook or a modern way the most important is that you enjoy what you do!

Until next time!



Cover photo: https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2015/10/09/21/09/wedding-979940_960_720.jpg


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