Big brands…small countries

Internet searching. Key words: Wedding gowns or bridal dresses. Instant love. I’m curious where the shop is: approximately 6 000 kms away. There are cases when the love for a dress is momentarily or keeps in our head as a guiding spirit. Nevertheless, it can happen that the dress turns out to be more than just a “summer fling” and makes the appointment at the bridal shop very difficult.

Imagination can take us on a trip even to envisioning how it would be looking at ourselves in the mirror. But then sometimes the harsh reality strikes: the dress is almost impossible to find in Europe.

Every woman wants to look perfect on the big day but what when the dress we saw online is not available in our country?

Out of curiosity I tried to search some designers in Hungary such as Lazaro, Maggie Sottero or Jim Hjelm. I have only found a limited number of stores where you can rent or buy some of the designers.

One of the primary reasons why this blog was created to help finding a solution to these kind of questions. The goal is to helps European girls to find the easiest access to their dream dresses. There will a new submenu created for dresses, locations and photographers etc. organised under countries to assist you.

In case that you are up for a trip to overseas keep in mind that most dresses look different on the internet and even just on the hanger than on your body. Always prepare for the worst case scenario and then you can only experience pleasant surprises. Maybe it is a good idea to organize a sight seeing trip or exploring the cuisine which can either be a well deserved treat after finding your dream dress or aid in getting over it.

Everything happens for a reason and the perfect dress awaits every bride…




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