Renting, buying, reselling

I have recently heard that many brides resell their wedding gowns after the big day.  The opinions about this topic are greatly divided. Out of curiosity I looked up some internet sites where you can buy from furniture to cars everything and indeed even wedding dresses. I have checked multiple Hungarian and Dutch websites and I was surprised that the price range for wedding dresses varied between 99 euros to 5 000 euros and to see dresses from Daalarna, Jenny Packham, Monique Lhuillier and Galia Lahav.

There are multiple reasons why a bride might want to sell her dream dress and in this piece we will introduce some of them:

  1. It wasn’t the one?

    One of them is that actually it wasn’t the dream dress. The moral of wedding shows is that every bride can find her perfect dress but sometimes due to limited budget or shortness of time it does happen that a woman says yes at the altar without wearing her perfect dress. Is it easier to say goodbye if wasn’t love at first sight?

  2. How much??

    It is definitely one of the most expensive piece of clothing in a girl’s life but it’s your wedding who can stop you from getting the dress of your dreams?? Maybe the budget…Another reason may be that the couple could use some extra money in the piggy bank. The question is can you really get a good deal for your dress considering all the alteration and shipping costs that comes with getting rid of your dress? Or it would have been a wiser idea to rent?

  3. Like mother like daughter

    Some people already think about the next generation after the wedding. There are many mothers who would like to see their daughters in the same dress. In some countries this is so common that TV shows appeared which focus on transforming the old dress to the taste of the bride. Sometimes it is a very difficult process for moms to see how their perfect dress turns into a new piece of art.

  4. Eternal memory

    From time to time, it’s good just to look back and have that nostalgic moment. Nobody can stop you from remembering the big day and how you felt in the dress. Who knows maybe a marriage renewal is the new opportunity to wear the same dress?

And what about renting? Has the price decreased significantly that it does not matter if we rent or buy? How many of you feel that renting is sharing and takes away feeling unique in the dress? Or only the big day matters when for a couple of hours every girl/woman feels that the inner princess is finally released?

Either we buy, rent or resell the most important is the memory. After all no matter how we change during the years the feeling and the memories of the big day will always accompany us.





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