Welcome to Bridal Trial

Dear Visitor!

Welcome to my new blog. For a while I’ve been tempted to start a blog about bridal fashion. Why?

Because I love wedding gowns, wedding or bridal dress shopping related shows. What I noticed is that most shows that I come across focus on bridal shops overseas and I haven’t seen any series that introduced European bridal shops. (If you know about one please do not hesitate to send me a message.)

In this blog I would like to highlight new collections,and shops across Europe which can definitely inspire you in the preparation for your big day.

This page is about inspiration and not commercials. All content is shared to shed light on hidden treasures such as photographers, wedding locations and shops.

In the beginning the two countries that I am going to focus on is Hungary and the Netherlands because I have strong connections with these two. As (hopefully) the blog grows I will discover other countries and you are also welcome to recommend countries or share ideas 🙂

After all organizing a wedding sometimes can feel like a trial and you never know when some inspiration may come handy.

I hope you will enjoy this site and see you more often!

Have a great day!



Photo source: Wedding in Budapest http://budapestlocal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/wedding03_ws.jpg


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